Over the course of 5 years, the web standard has hit leaps and bounds. The demand for responsive web design that started from 2013 has taken the web field by storm.

Simply take, responsive is all about making your website easily readable and accessible across all mobile devices. A well crafted responsive website is all it takes to drag attention of your users.

Therefore, designers and front-end developers need to pay attention to deploying your websites in accordance to creating a next-gen mobile experience.

Now, here is the thing:

You may plan to build a mobile friendly website, but there is a certain benchmark that you should always keep an eye on. Like Nirmal – A web designer from Sydney says you should always follow a minimalistic approach and spot the benchmark that is crucial for your client as well as customers.

So to get some basic overview of how your design should look, I have collected 15 responsive web designs that will certainly help you take one step further to building a quality web interface

  1. NPR

NPR has recently updated their websites to support phones and tablets. The new responsive website is easier to read than the old one. Besides, according to the announcement by its new version, the new website provides a variety of new contents and can compatible with a wide range of devices.


  1. Breakingnews

Breankingnews is a website integrating latest news from different areas in the world. It has two main features; the “popular” tag enable users to find the most popular news and the “latest” tag help viewers find the latest ones directly. The layouts of the web pages adapt to the decreasing width of pages like on phone screens compared to computers, which feature is not implemented by many other websites.


  1. gov

This website is a modern website based on responsive web design. The navigation on this websites designed quite well. The tags are easy to click and this feature also implemented on the mobile phone version. Overall, this RWD website is a successful example to show how the RWD improves the adaptive of websites for different devices.


  1. CSS-Tricks

When I browsed CSS-Tricks, I was shocked by its simple but functional layout. The navigation bar is quite clear for users to know what pages they want to browse. On the mobile phone version, the grid style is also a wise choice to put so large of different topics into one page. For the computer version, the colorful navigation bar also attractive you to put your mouse-pointer hang on different tags to see the color effect.


  1. Drexel University

For a university website, if it just aims at enabling students engaging their school activities through computers, then it is out of date. The RWD can help students research the school information just using a mobile phone that connected to network as well as using a computer. Drexel has said that “responsive design to engage students, no matter their location or device.” With the help of RWD, it makes what it said come true.


  1. HiutDenim

The Hiut Denim is an online shopping website which contains thousands of photograph and history. The layout of its web page on a Smartphone is simple and immediate to show the features of the website as the computer’s one. The images are different devices, but the core value of the websites is delivered to customers correctly and equally.


  1. Wendy’s

The responsive web design of this website makes it stands out from its competitors. As the simple and easy to use navigation bar help users to find and order what food they are looking for on all three kinds of popular devices, the Wendy’s will stand at the leading position among the online fast-food industry.


  1. Sony


As a big fan of its Playstation4, I am excited to see Sony use responsive web design for its website designing.The website has 8 responsive elements: header, glossy splash, drop-down category chooser, text navigation, news, calendar, social links and footer. All these components are illustrated well on different devices.

  1. Indochino


The Indochino’s feature of responsive web design is its beautiful combination of images and typography. All devices can view high-quality images of this website. Generally, designers may give up user experience affected the precision of a mouse. However, in Indochino, the designers consider this issues in shopping and purchasing function.

  1. Sphero


The Sphero is a virtual ball you can control on your mobile devices. With it, you can play an increasing number of games. As it developed, it now uses the real estate on the page with HTML5 video show the Sphero in action. But due to IPhone and IPad didn’t support auto-play of the video, the responsive web design used an animated gif for those specific devices as well as low connection speed desktops, which now successfully being browser by a variety of devices.


  1. Hubspot


Hubspot is company developing software for inbound marketing. Its website gives us a clear image of how RWD operates with features like attractive, informative and sales actionable. Images and content could be adaptive to any size of screens and the quality and quantity never compromised. In addition, the Hubspot is also an example that isn’t afraid of folding. As there is a time that scrolling means a failure design, the Hubspot successfully proved that this viewpoint is unreasonable because the correct responsive web design won’t decrease a number of browsers when they scroll the page to read more content.


  1. Starbucks


As a world-class coffee shop, Starbucks also has a responsive web designing website. Of course, all necessary features a famous brand should have are contained: beautiful product images and items on the homepage and sub-lists of specific products can also be displayed vertically.For the navigation bar on the mobile screen, the layout is attractive too. The responsive menu icon makes the operation won’t take so much space of the screen, which means it could only appear vertically when being tapped. This design leads more contents can be displayed on a screen. This function now implemented in most Smartphone website design.


  1. The Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh


It is a useful website for busy parents. The wonderful colors and layouts make it attractive. The simple navigation bar and multimedia integrating feature help parents in many aspects. For example, you can use it find parking of the museum without downloading other apps on your mobile phone or so many steps through the navigation bar.


  1. TreeHouse


The Treehouse is an online learning website. Users can learn the web and mobile design techniques. The RWD in this website performs quite well. When the width changes with different devices, the layouts like the subtle background tree will also modify to fit the screen. However, according to the developer of the website, some functions are not implemented on the mobile device. But it not affects the Treehouse to be a good responsive website.


  1. Town & Country


The updated responsive website consists of beautiful images and typography as its original printed version. The trend of news publication website usually use separate web pages instead of responsive web design, which is hard to maintenance as when the publisher need to change contents, they need to maintain two separate web pages. But for web pages utilizing responsive web design, the workload will be decreased so that it is easy and efficiency for both reading and maintaining.


Wrapping Up

So, these are the 15 best responsive web designs that you can certainly use to your advantage.

All in all, responsive web design is the criteria every web designer and agency has in its development methodology. It’s a one path process of making both Google and users satisfied.

So, what do you think? Let us know in the comments below.