Why are reviews important to your business?

Most customers will now use Google as there first point of contact to find a service they require. But how do they decide which business is the correct fit for their needs? This is where reputation management comes into play and the businesses who do it well reap the benefits on google map listings, search engine optimization and also Pay per click advertising.

• 92% of consumers regularly or occasionally read online reviews
• 88% of people trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation

Let’s take a typical scenario a local Mandurah customer that has just bought a new fancy light for their kitchen and realized that when they got home that they need an electrician to install it. They are keen to get this done as soon as possible and have no friends who know anyone.
1. The first thing most people will do is google “Mandurah electrician” .
2. They are then presented with a huge list of local electricians.
3. Unsure of who to use they then look at the reviews
4. They see a business who has a lot of stars and positive reviews so contact them first.

Example of a Mandurah search for electricians. The stars really make it easy to choose.

Sounds simple doesn’t it?

Well, it is just a matter of getting your customers to leave a review but before you jump in all guns blazing there are a few things you need to make this happen. And this is where solution fusion can help.
• Google Business Page to get you on the map
• A website that is also mobile ready will help convert the customers who want to now more about your services.
• Providing a way for customers to leave reviews quickly and easily
• Monitoring reviews and brand mentions online.

Why can’t I just pay someone to fake my reviews?

This is the worst thing you can do. Google will eventually find out, and your site will then be pushed to the bottom of the listings. Also, customers can smell a fake review and this will have the opposite effect.

I have received a bad review?

If you haven’t got any reviews, this is where it will hurt the most as that one review will stand out on the search results, putting off potential customers.

However, should you have plenty of reviews this is where there will be less impact when it happens. Let’s face it we all have that day when everything goes wrong. We can help with monitoring of reviews and a few other services.

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